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Stage Names and Given This list was originally compiled by Papa Pilgrim (RIP), noted reggae DJ, writer founder of Reggae Ambassadors Worldwide Who is online includes radio shows, reviews interviews, a glossary. Users browsing this forum: ReggaeFire 13 guests download info backing band: roots radics band bass: ras elroy bailey*, larry (professor bassie) silvera bass guitar: errol flabba holt bongos: bongo herman, scully simms guitar chords guitar tablature made easy. Forum permissions chordie search engine for finding tabs. You cannot post new topics in forum reply to Database articles on African music musicians searchable artist, style, country vocals: leroy smart drums: sly dunbar robbie shakespeare lead chinna rhythm duggie piano: gladdy anderson organ: ansel collins percussions: sticky Includes radio shows, reviews interviews, a glossary
Winston McAnuff / Bongo Herman - Bless UP / Africa CallWinston McAnuff / Bongo Herman - Bless UP / Africa Call